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Touched by the Muse

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TIME [Sep. 26th, 2005|03:06 pm]
Touched by the Muse


(T. Beechey)

All throughout existence
There's a mist which has shrouded
And I've vowed to unveil
That which fails to reveal
As I kneel at the altar
I falter in speaking
My desires for seeking
What is no longer real

The pattern's unbroken
Meanwhile,fate has spoken
And I haven't an answer
At my chance to respond
The bond which offered
Soft landings has severed
So I'll never find closure
Till Time waves her wand

There's a message that's etched
Crudley sketched on the memory
Of reminiscences
Between each kiss and curse
No rehearsals are needed
To intercede with tomorrow
Our own destinations
Shall await the next verse

The pattern's unbroken
As Time has awoken
Yet the dream still continues
Spinning through and beyond
Still,the pond is unrippled
So,let's remain on the trip till
Either the road ends
Or Time waves her wand